Camel Derby set to return for 2017

Afternoon racing takes place as usual on 17th August, except for one small detail; the first three races will see not horses but camels galloping up the popular Westwood track.

Following its huge success last year, the Reckitt Benckiser Save the Children Camel Derby returns this Thursday, a unique initiative that originated in 2016 between Reckitt Benckiser (the giant behind brands such as AirWick, Dettol and Durex), and Beverley Racecourse, as an innovative means to fundraise for Save the Children.

The race gives  members of the public the opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience and fundraise for a very worthy cause at the same time. All participants have pledged to raise £2,000 for the charity, and have been learning to ride the wayward animals at their base in Warwickshire as well as working tirelessly in their fund raising efforts, initiatives including raffles, bake sales and the well-attended 'Hump Ball'. Their riding skills range from eventers to showjumpers, with a full rundown listed below.

Last year’s winner, Bertie, a 7 year old white Russian camel, will be returning in a bid to claim the winning title again this year. In the running alongside him is Baxter, a 5 year old Bactrian camel known for being very bouncy and for getting into mischief! This will be Baxter’s second season racing and he’s said to be showing fine form, however has been known to put in the occasional buck! Meanwhile, Blizzard, a 4 year old brown Bactrian camel from the same herd as Baxter is also known to misbehave and together they are often labelled ‘double trouble’. Anything could happen at this year’s Camel Derby, all bets are off…

Last year's fundraising figures hit £9000 and fingers are crossed for even more this year. You can donate to this fantastic cause here to support these intrepid riders in their quest.