Racecourse Grows World’s First Easter Egg Tree

At Beverley Racecourse, the world's first Easter Egg Tree appears to be growing. We have thoroughly investigated the events leading up to this astonishing occurrence, and can now bring you a full account of what has taken place.

In 1964, a wizened old jockey named Reg E Streetage riding the last race of his career at Beverley, bequeathed the racecourse a mysterious golden egg, telling John Cleverly only to 'expect him once more at the racecourse in 2014', before walking out of the  weighing room and disappearing in just the clothes he stood up in. Every attempt made to subsequently trace him failed and he was consigned as a curious anomaly to the history books...until now.

At the time, thinking it all very strange, John put the egg in a box in a storage cupboard for safekeeping and it soon became forgotten. The years passed and the egg lay undisturbed; it wasn't until a clear out of some old boxes, many years later, that the egg was discovered by a caretaker, dusty and half buried under old racecards but still intact. As the caretaker carried the boxes out to be thrown away, the egg fell from the box into the foundations being laid for the new Pre-Parade Ring, and was quickly covered by earth as the digging continued.

More years passed and the egg remained snug in its hiding place below ground, forgotten and untended. Then, one memorable Spring day in 2014, almost 50 years on since the mysterious jockey disappeared into thin air, an unusual looking shoot appeared.

Scarcely able to believe what he was seeing, the current head groundsman John Morley carefully dug up the new sapling, potted and tended to it before running to tell the manager what he had discovered. People will not have to wait long to get their hands on the tree's 'fruit'; the Easter Egg Tree will be ready for the public to 'pick' from on the 16th April 2014, the start of the new season.

Only one question remains, that is to see if Reg E Streetage will make an appearance too...