Walking the Courses

On Thursday 13th August, Beverley Racecourse will welcome Richard Farquhar, the brave father of four who is walking 3,000 miles around the UK from racecourse to racecourse in an ambitious fundraising initiative called ‘Walking The Courses’.

Farquhar’s mission is to connect all sixty of Britain’s racecourses in a chain on foot. He was
inspired to undertake this large-scale fundraising challenge after losing his father in 2012 to
pancreatic cancer, the most vicious of all common cancers. As a lifelong racing fan, he decided
he wanted to involve all of the nation’s racecourses. He is hoping that his marathon efforts will
raise a huge £1.4million to be split equally between two charities that are very close to his
heart, namely Pancreatic Cancer UK and Racing Welfare. The latter of these two charities looks
after the mostly unseen army of staff who work with racehorses behind the scenes.

To mark the end of the York Racecourse to Beverley Racecourse leg of his journey, on which he
will be accompanied by Horse Racing UK Chaplain Simon Bailey, Farquhar will be walking
around the Beverley course itself before racing, starting at 1pm. This is a customary feature of
each of Farquhar’s racecourse arrivals. He hopes to be joined by various familiar faces from the
racing world and supporters of the campaign. Racegoers are also encouraged to partake in the
lap of the track and should get in contact via the website if they wish to do so.

Farquhar is now almost half of the way through his charity pilgrimage in terms of racecourses
visited, having ticked off twenty-eight of the sixty. He is nowhere near half way in terms of the
overall mileage, nevertheless he is feeling upbeat, having recently clocked his
1,000th mile of the 3,000 between these courses. The recent discovery of a urine test which
may prove successful in detecting pancreatic cancer has also spurred him on.

Farquhar’s fundraising total now sits around £150,000, including pledges; he has a long way to
go yet. The exit bucket collection at Beverley Racecourse on Thursday will be in aid of Walking
The Courses. Racegoers, who may well have already seen Walking The Courses on Channel 4
Racing’s ‘Morning Line’ or read about it in the Racing Post, are encouraged to give generously to
Farquhar’s two extremely worthy but crucially underfunded beneficiaries.

Sally Iggulden, Chief Executive of Beverley Racecourse, comments, “As the Walking The
Courses team rolls on to Beverley, we are delighted to welcome them to East Yorkshire, and are
incredibly proud of their achievements to date. Racing Welfare has benefited many people
close to the Racecourse, and sits alongside Pancreatic Cancer UK as most worthy recipients of
the donations received by Richard Farquhar. We will spur him on in the final furlong – Beverley
is known for its uphill finish so he’ll need some stamina!”

Richard will spend the rest of August walking through God’s Own Country, arriving at York on
Thursday 20th and Catterick on Wednesday 26th August. To find out more about Walking The
Courses, to donate and to get involved, visit www.walkingthecourses.com.