Community Partnerships

With great power comes great responsibility (thanks Spiderman) and we like to use our standing to do as many good things for our community as possible.

Below you’ll find an overview of our projects in 2020. If you know of a worthy cause that you think we could help with, from raising awareness of a local charity to using our resources to help get a community job done, contact Jasmine Burns.

Individual fund-raising requests should be emailed to Chief Executive Sally Iggulden.

Combatting Loneliness

Our main CSR focus for 2020 will once again focus on combatting loneliness and is considerably bigger than previous years in scope, now taking five key strands:

Tea Parties

Working with Re-Engage (formerly Contact the Elderly) we will be hosting a number of tea parties through the season for those living with loneliness, on the 23rd June, 28th July and the 16th September. These will be open to both the regional Re-Engage groups but also people of all ages living with loneliness in the area. The tea parties include a chance for volunteers and participants to come along to a raceday and enjoy tea, cake and company in their own private bar and lawn, and have been hugely successful in 2018 & 2019. We’ll be looking to expand the scope of these in 2020 by working with partners to include an hour of useful skills.

Staff Volunteering

Working in partnership with Age UK, the racecourse will be pledging staff time to help combat loneliness in the community through regular home visits and partnering with at-risk people in the community. We’ll report back here with some case studies in the spring of 2020.

Staff Training

We’ll be doing extra staff training ahead of and throughout our season to ensure our staff are particularly ready to welcome solo visitors.

Happy To Chat Benches

We will be installing Happy To Chat benches throughout the course for visitors both on and off a raceday to use. This simple but brilliant idea took off in Cardiff last year and has spread throughout the country. A simple sign designates the bench as being a place to sit if you’re happy to chat to someone, and could be particularly beneficial on our quieter days.

Beverley Buddies Facebook Group

We have set up a private Facebook group so that anyone planning a visit to the races and wanting to find someone to go with can do so in a private safe, manner. You can request to join here.

Yorkshire Cancer Research

Yorkshire Cancer Research do amazing work to help both fund research into cancer treatments, but also help check and prevent cancer developing wherever possible. We partnered with them in 2017 to tackle the issue of skin cancer awareness; prevention is better than cure yet we were seeing thousands of people out in the sun all day on a raceday wearing no skin protection.

Together we developed a campaign to spread the word about the importance of protection, provided free sun-cream in toilets throughout the course, and gave out UV wristbands that changed colour as harmful rays hit them, warning the wearer to seek shade and cover up.

The sun-cream dispensers are available at all our racedays and have proved a great hit in changing people’s behaviour on hot racedays.

Racing to School

Racing to School is a charity brilliantly combining education and racing, with outdoor activities for young people at racecourses, studs and trainers’ yards across the country. In numbers they currently work with approximately 200 schools, both primary and secondary, delivering over 350 events each year, with around 14,000 young people benefiting.

We welcome Racing to School on around 10 racedays a year, introducing local schoolchildren to Beverley Racecourse in a fun and informative manner. They visit the weighing room to learn about jockey weights and design healthy diets; look at racing silks and design their own colours; measure the Parade Ring to calculate how many horses can parade at one time; visit the track to learn about the technology of a photo finish, and plenty more besides – none fail to come away excited and enthused after a day’s learning out of school. 

Tickets for Troops

Tickets for Troops

We’ve been working with Tickets for Troops for several years, providing free tickets to members of the Armed Forces for a variety of racedays. The service offers serving personnel and those medically discharged from the forces since 2001, the well-deserved opportunity to enjoy an event of their choice with their friends and families, not just covering racing but a huge range of sporting events and visitor attractions across the country

To book, you must be a member of Tickets for Troops. Simply log into your account, find the event you would like to book (you can attend any of our racedays except Ladies’ Day) and pay a £3.50 booking fee to secure the tickets; you will receive a confirmation email. We will then leave your complimentary Grandstand & Paddock tickets to pick up at the ticket collection desk in the Premier Enclosure reception.